Delivered Option of our Core Beers in 355ml cans

Floating Barn 4.5% 32IBU - Our floating barn pale is brewed with barley from a craft malthouse that just happened to float our way. An approachable beer with flavour and aroma to suit a wide range of palates.

Diving Fox 6.5% 50IBU - A cunning intro to our style of brewing. Diving Fox will gently push your comfort level. A toasty malt sweetness with citrus and tropical fruit notes that will make you crazy like a fox for India Pale Ale.

Rising Pheasant 5.0% 24IBU - Our Rising Pheasant Brown Ale features a rich malt presence that offers a toasty flavour with hints of caramel and coffee. Accompanied by hops that provide a distinct bitterness and earthy tones, raise a wing with this dark beer.

Muddy Tail 6.0% 32IBU - Like the great Canadian beaver, Muddy Tail is a protected species year round. A strong roasted malt, yet pleasing to the palate, with flavours of dark chocolate and well toasted bread. A dark beer worth slapping your tail over.