Crowler (Seasonal)

Crowler (Seasonal)

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Delivered Option of Seasonal Crowler 946ml

English Pale Ale 4.0% 24IBU - Our take on an English style pale ale.

Dirty Blonde 4.5% 18IBU - A darker than most blonde ale with slight stone fruit flavours

Vienna Rye 4.5% 51IBU - Sweet malt base with a hint of spice.

Juicy Smash 5.4% 30IBU - A delightful, sweet malty forward pale ale using Origin "Prairie Pale Malt". Notes of peach & tropical bitter fruits. A well balanced bitterness using 'Ella' hops from Australia.

Vanilla Milk Stout 4.2% - Collaboration with Wild Rose. Sweet stout with lactose and vanilla.

Soggy Ginger 5.8% 35IBU - English Style IPA with gingerbread from local bakery The Oxford Bakehouse

On The High River To Hell 4.7% 22IBU - Black Lager. Roasted malt forward crisp lager

White Sage Belgian Dubbel 8.6% - Earthy flavour from locally grown white sage balanced with sweetness from dark Belgian candi sugar.