Rocky Mountain Tisane 4Pack

Rocky Mountain Tisane 4Pack

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Sparkling Herbal Tea

No sugars, no sweeteners, no calories, no alcohol. 100% flavour

Note: Powerup includes caffine

Hibiscus Cinnamon

An effervescent, tangy-tart blend with spicy cinnamon notes. Don’t let the simplicity of the ingredients fool you – this drink is comforting on a cold day and refreshing on a hot one!


Lemon Ginger

A perfect, sparkling balance of ginger spice and citrus lemon. Great on a beach, on top of a mountain, mixed with gin, or all the above… no judgement here, just great taste.


Fruit Infusion

A sweet rooibos base with infused fruits gives this refreshing choice a rich, red grape flavour with hints of zesty orange and vanilla in every bubble. A perfect drink to quench the thirst on a patio, or after sweating through a workout!


Power Up

Our caffeinated blend excites the taste buds. It’s a sweet, smoky blend of sparkling yerba mate tea and spices. At just under 60 mg of caffeine, it keeps the motor running without getting the jitters and still quenches the thirst.